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All mains are served with complimentary house made side and 1 sauce of choice.

Black Angus
100 days Grain fed, MSA graded

Our restaurant is proud to serve Certified Australian Angus Beef® (CAAB) which is MSA graded and guarantees minimum 100 days cereal grain fed. All cuts are aged 21 days and have a minimum 1+ marble score. And all CAAB are DNA traceable which ensure our customers are experiencing high quality standard of steak.

Eye Fillet

Sher F1 Wagyu
400+days fed & Ration

Sher Wagyu beef has won the Gold Medal awards of Produce since 2009. Wagyu beef is identified by the different grading on a scale of M0-M9; the higher the marbling scores the finer the texture of the fat within the muscle. Wagyu beef is categorized as mono unsaturated fats, which means it’s healthy and has minimal impact in enhancing cholesterol levels.

Porterhouse, M5
Eye Fillet, M5
Porterhouse, M7
Eye Fillet, M8-9
Porterhouse, M9


Chicken breast tenderloin
Lamb cutlets
Mixed Grill, combination of beef, chicken, pork and lamb cutlet


Atlantic Salmon
Lobster Tail
MKT price
Seafood Combinations scallops, prawns, scampi, fish fillet